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We offer high-speed internet for your home and business in the city of Pernik and its surroundings.

ROTOP - the first internet service provider for Pernik

We are a team of highly qualified specialists, who work to satisfy our clients needs for their homes and businesses. We work with the most modern and up-to-date technologies in order to provide the best services we can.



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Our services

Apart from providing premium quality internet for the city of Pernik and its surroundings, we also offer:

PC repair shop

Specialized PC repair shop for stationary and portable computer systems


We sell PCs, PC components, and licenced software

Subscription-based maintenance

Subscription-based maintenance services for PCs and networks


Virtualization for services and systems, design, construction and maintenance

Building wiring

Building wiring services for your new home or office

Wireless systems

Design, construction and maintenance of wireless systems

Office services

Wide range of office services

Video Surveillance

Professional video surveillance solutions

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